Bali – Indonesia

November 2015 & February – 2016


Tully Gorge

August – 2015


Palau Langkawi

Nov – Dec – 2014


Tully Gorge

July – 2014


East New Britain, PNG

February – 2014

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February – 2014

Tully Gorge

August – 2013

Mt. Molloy

August – 2013

After taipans


April – 2013

Amber Mountain, Ankarana, north-west Madagascar

Tully Gorge

July – 2012


A few members of the Cape York Herpetological society went to the beautiful Tully Gorge to look for scrub pythons.


Collin’s Weir – Walsh River

April – May 2012


This was just a short trip which didn’t yield much in a way of reptiles but the river looked spectacular.


Mt. Lewis – Julatten

February 2012

Along with a friend from Sydney and three guests from the US, I spent some time in the rainforest on Mt. Lewis and around Julatten, Mt. Molly (Carbine Tableland) and a night of spotlighting at Wongabel Scrub (Atherton Tableland).

Chappell Island

February 2009

 The island has been returned to the traditional owners and a permit is required to

access the island.

Iron Range

September 2010

 This was the Cairns symposium trip to Cape York with the American guests.